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Collaborative Law

Have you considered collaborative law to resolve your legal disputes? Helping people in many areas of the law, collaborative agreements can save you time and money while protecting your best interests.

LA Henry Law: Barristers & Solicitors Serving Fredericton, NB

Are you searching for a barrister and solicitor in Fredericton? LA Henry Law is proud to offer a full suite of legal services designed to fit your needs as you navigate criminal law, family law, immigration and refugee law matters and more. Led by barrister and solicitor LA Henry, the law office aims to protect its clients’ rights and responsibilities in all stages of a legal process, always keeping your best interests at heart.



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Legal Counsel that Fits Your Needs

Police lights in a driver’s rear view mirror. The broken frame of a couple’s wedding portrait. A home in foreclosure. These are just a few of the images that come to mind when one thinks of criminal, family law and immigration and refugee matters. The stories behind these images can be devastating, but when you partner with LA Henry Law, you’ll benefit from clear communication and diligent counsel as you proceed through the legal process.

LA Henry Law can help you understand the ins and outs of many different legal situations, including matters related to:

  • Criminal law

  • Family law

  • Will and estate preparation

  • Immigration and Refugee law

  • Human rights violations

  • …and more

The Collaborative Law Approach

LA Henry has experience using collaborative law techniques to resolve cases. Collaborative law is one of the most effective ways of resolving a myriad of disputes, reducing time, cost and emotion during periods of volatility. Collaborative law isn’t the right fit for every case, but speak to LA Henry Law to learn if you and your family can benefit from a collaborative law approach to your legal needs.


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Service Area

LA Henry Law accepts clients from all regions of New Brunswick and across Canada. Issues that may appear before a New Brunswick court require a lawyer who is a member of the Bar of New Brunswick.

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