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Barristers & Solicitors Serving the Fredericton Area

LA Henry Law wants to help you face legal challenges. Representing cases related to criminal law, family law, immigrant and refugee matters and more, LA Henry Law provides results-oriented legal service tailored to fit your needs.

LA Henry

It’s never easy to seek the counsel of a legal professional. You may be surprised to find yourself in a situation that requires legal assistance, you may not know how to select a barrister and solicitor. LA Henry Law understands that people often seek legal counsel during volatile, emotional times and offers support from beginning to end.


LA Henry’s Education & Experience


LA Henry combines education and experience to deliver client-focused legal assistance to Fredericton and the surrounding area. After completing her Articles at the Court of Appeal of New Brunswick and being called to the bar in 2011, LA Henry became a sole practitioner. She now has offices in Fredericton and Harvey Station for her clients’ total convenience.

She wants to help you approach your legal situation with knowledge and focus. LA Henry is committed to helping people from all walks of life understand their rights and responsibilities. Contact our offices today to schedule an appointment at either location.

Jael Duarte’s Education & Experience


Jael Duarte is a member of the Law Society of New Brunswick, and a Colombian lawyer.

She obtained a Juris Doctor degree from the Canadian Law Program (Common Law and Civil Law) at the University of Ottawa. She practices immigration and refugee law, family law, bilingual notary services and weddings. Jael is fluent in Spanish, English and French.


Jael Duarte's website

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