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Criminal & Family Law Representation from Fredericton, NB

When you have questions regarding family, immigration and refugee or criminal law in Fredericton, choose LA Henry Law for guidance. As barristers, solicitors and notaries public, LA Henry or Jael Duarte can serve you in multiple areas of the law, always helping you understand your rights and responsibilities. Learn more about the various ways LA Henry Law can assist you in a legal challenge.


Family Law

Cases pertaining to family law are among the most trying for individuals and families alike. LA Henry Law aims to help people involved with family law cases, always aiming for a resolution that addresses all parties’ best interests. Trying cases pertaining to spousal and child support, access, separation, divorce and custody agreements, LA Henry Law wants to help you move forward.


Wills & Estates

Planning for you and your family’s future is one of the most prudent decisions you can make. LA Henry will guide you through the various options relating to powers of attorney, probate and other matters.

wedding bands


When it’s time to tie the knot, choosing LA Henry as your justice of the peace can help you begin a new chapter with the one you love.


Human Rights

If you suspect human rights violations in your community or have been a victim of such actions, LA Henry Law wants to speak with you. Learn more about your rights and responsibilities before the law by contacting our offices today.


Collaborative Law

Collaborative law is a legal approach that is becoming increasingly common in Fredericton and the surrounding area. At its core, collaborative law seeks to help people involved in a legal dispute avoid the costs and length of court. Collaborative law can help people regain control over their legal circumstances and find a resolution that fits the wishes of all parties.

For more information on any of the areas of law referenced above or to schedule a consultation with LA Henry, call LA Henry Law today.


Discuss your legal options with LA Henry Law today.

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